nao morigo(なお もりごー)

京都精華大学 芸術学部 造形学科 洋画卒業

グラフィックデザイナー・webデザイナー・企画・営業 などを経て、

・ラジオRadiCro Spark! パーソナリティー
・全日本画材協議会 jam 審査員
CDジャケット、公開制作、ライブペイント など

【 受賞履歴 】
2017年 9月 神戸アートマルシェ Artist meets Gallery in KAM 2017 入選
9月 Ronin Globus Artist-in-Residence 2017  準優勝
2016年 10月 葛城発信アートFAIR  優秀賞
5月 Ronin Globus Artist-in-Residence 2016 特選者
2015年  11月 葛城発信アートFAIR2015  3席
2007年 1月 創玄書道展 二科賞受賞
2008年 1月 創玄書道展 二科賞受賞
2009年 1月 創玄書道展 二科賞受賞
2010年 1月 創玄書道展一科 入選
2000年 1月 Ann Arbor art center (米 ミシガン州)公募展出展 入選(ミクストメディア 版画×陶芸)

【 主な海外展示履歴 】
2016年 6月(インド コルカタ)Kolkata International Art Exhibition (Rabindranath Tagore Center)
6月 (フランス パリ)兵庫県パリ事務所 個展
5月 (アメリカ ニューヨーク)ICFF in NYC 出展
2015年 11月(米 ハワイ州 オワフ & マウイ)Artist-in-Residence イベント
9月 (シンガポール)個展
2000年 (米 ミシガン州)Ann Arbor art center 公募展入選作品展

【 主な国内展示履歴 】
・京都市美術館 別館(京都芸術祭 美術部門 国際交流総合展)
・Ann Arbor art center (公募作品展 米 ミシガン州)
・Gallery 北野坂(個展)
・阪急メンズ大阪(阪急百貨店)The Lobby
・「Cafe de Diana GALLERY」(個展・東京 原宿)
・「CAMARADA」(個展・東京 中目黒)
・「VIGORE」(個展・東京 中目黒)
・「AWkitchen 東山本店、表参道 figlia、麻布十番10」


【 アートフェア】
神戸アートマルシェ 2017・2015
葛城アートフェア 2016・2015
東京インターナショナルアートフェア 2015
東京デザインウィーク 2015・2013
企業コラボアート東京 2014-2017

【 メディア 】詳細ページ
INSPICE インタビュー掲載
●「星野源、サカナクション、READ ALOUD…今だからこそ“ジャケ買い”したいアーティストは?」
■ Real Sound 掲載 (2014.11.22)
●「READ ALOUD「アカンサス」nao morigo描き下ろしによるジャケット公開」
■ skream! 掲載(2014.10.06)■ OKMusic 掲載
□ L exciteニュース掲載
□ L Infoseek ニュース掲載
■ dot.ドット朝日新聞出版(Billboard JAPAN) 掲載 ■ billboard JAPAN 掲載
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■ WHAT’s IN? WEB 掲載
□ L YAHOO! ニュース 掲載
● 神戸新聞 朝刊 文化面 掲載(2014.8.23)
● TIGER魔法瓶 SAHARA style 掲載(2013.10.21)

Painter Nao Morigo Profile
* Born and living Kobe in Japan
* Graduated Oil painting major of Kyoto Seika University in Japan
* Exchenge student to University of Michigan Art & Design(print making, Ceramics, Metal carving)

2001 Graduated Oil painting major of Kyoto Seika University in Japnan (contemporary art, print making, Ceramics)
1999 Exchenge student to University of Michigan Art & Design (print making, Ceramics, Metal carving) for 1semester (8month)

Work history
2012- Now freelance designer and artist
2009-2012 Web design, cording, planning and sales
2008 Start “addfuns” which means ” ADD a lot of FUN(S) to your life.”.
2005-2008 Product development and administration for woman’s goods (bags, accessories)
2001-2005 Graphic design and planning of advertisement

Art Works

I’m painting several types of series now.

( A ) “trip to…” series
The rooster is the subject of the piece and represents my mind.
The landscape which I have painted is his (the rooster) view of the places in the world where I have traveled.
I used local newspaper of each places I have visited.
Therefore I can express what was happening at the moment as background for each city.

Previous series
Vol.1 Italy, Vol.2 India, Vol.3 England, Vol.4 Brazil

Next series
Vol.5 America (exhibition in July in Japan)

See “trip to…” series

( B ) Sumi (Indian-ink) series
Paint plant and landscape by Sumi (indian-ink)

See “Sumi (indian-ink)” series

( C ) news paper pop series

Award history

November 2015
award Third prize
at Katsuragi Art Fair 2015

January 2010
award “Ikka” prize
at “Sogen Shodo exhibition” (Calligraphy)

January 2007-2009
award “Nika” prize at 3 times each year
at “Sogen Shodo exhibition” (Calligraphy)

September 1999
Accepted for Publicly chosen exhibition at Ann Arbor art center in Michigan in USA.(conceptuel art/ mixed media/ print making × Ceramics)

Art fair
Kobe Art Marche 2015
Tokyo International Art Fair 2015
Katsuragi Art Fir 2015
Corporate Collaboration Art Tokyo 2014・2015

Exhibition history
— 2014 —
February (Exhibition / Painting (trip to series)) at “valo” in Osaka
March (Open painting> at “BOLD” Osaka
July (Exhibition / Painting (trip to series)) “Trip to… Vol.5 America at “gallery Kitanozaka”in Kobe
August-September (Exhibition / Painting (trip to series)) “Trip to… Vol.5 America at “CAMARADA”in Tokyo

— 2013 —
March-April (Group exhibition / Sumi Painting>”Cherry Blossoms” at “CAMARADA”in Tokyo
March-May (Display for restaurant / News Paper Pop)”Cherry Blossoms” at “AWkitchen figlia Omote-sando store” in Tokyo
March-April (Display for restaurant / Sumi Painting)”Cherry Blossoms” at “AWkitchen Higashiyama main store” in Tokyo
September-October (Exhibition / Painting (trip to series)) “Trip to… Italy2” at “Cafe de Diana GALLERY” in Harajuku Tokyo
October (Collaboration with Music Live / Display and Live paint) “Saudade 2012 Mako × Nao”(“Trip to…” vol.4 Brazil) at “Satom” in Kobe December (Exhibition / Sumi Painting) at “Cafe de Diana GALLERY” in Harajuku Tokyo

— 2012 —
April (Collaboration with Music Live / Display Painting (trip to series)) “Saudade 2012 Mako × Nao”(“Trip to…” vol.4 Brazil ) at “Unsyu-do” in Osaka August (Party’s guest / Painting (trip to series)) AYAZAKURA Thanks party at cafe ABSINTHE in Osaka
August (Exhibition / Painting (trip to series))”Trip to… vol.4 Brazil”at “cafe nifty” in Kyoto
September (Exhibition / Painting (trip to series))”Trip to… vol.4 Brazil”at “cafe Sion” in Kobe
November (Exhibition / Painting (trip to series))”Trip to…”at “CAMARADA ” in Tokyo
November (Display for restaurant / Painting>”Trip to… India” at “AWkitchen10 Azabu-zyuban” in Tokyo
December (Exhibition / Painting)”Trip to… Christmas”at “cafe nifty” in Kyoto

— 2011 —
June (Exhibition / Painting (trip to series))”Trip to… vol.1 Italy” at “cafe Sion” in Kobe
July (Exhibition / Painting (trip to series))”Trip to… vol.3 England”at “cafe nifty” in Kyoto

— 2010 —
March (Publicly chosen exhibition) “Sogen Shodo exhibition”Accepted show at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
April (Exhibition / Painting (trip to series))”Trip to… vol.2 India”at “cafe nifty” in Kyoto

— 2009 —
August (Exhibition / Painting (trip to series))”Trip to… vol.1 Italy” at “cafe nifty” in Kyoto

— 2006-2009 —
each November (Group exhibition / Calligraphy) “Groupe of Souboku Shodo exhibition” at “Gallery Taiho”in Osaka Japan

— 2001 —
March (Exhibition / Conceptual art(mixed media)) “10days” at “cafe sheep”in Osaka Japan
February (Graduation work exhibition / Conceptual art) at Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art

— 1999 —
September  (Publicly chosen exhibition / Conceptual art (mixed media)) Annaber art center(State of Michigan in USA)