I have been making art of “Time” from 2016.
I had been thinking time is like ruler. And I have been thinking we always standing on the current point of ruler.
Future always frontward and past time always back side.
One day, I was walking and suddenly I struck in the past time.
After that, I start to think that time might be all time mixing at a same time and place.(slow, quick, past, future and so on..)
This is the reason to make art of time.

First series is “Gap of time”
This is the second series “Intersection of time”

【 Information of this art 】
Series:Intersection of time
Concept:Asking consept of Time by mixing time(Summer and Autumn) in one painting.

Scroll size(about):Width 312mm(Including bottom bar 350mm) × length900mm
Painting size:F4(333×242mm)
Material:brass, copper, Corrosive liquid, Gesso, Yuzen Chiyo paper, Hemp Paper
Paint year:2017