Live painting was great successed.

I really apriciate to customer who is coming to see it, some partner companies and Isetan department store.

nao morigo 京都伊勢丹ライブペインティング

Salon du chocolat is big event in Paris.

Isetan department store invited Salon du chocolat and many big fans lined up from morning.

I concentrated to finish painting until limit time.
It was hard but at the same time, it was good feeling.

nao morigo 京都伊勢丹ライブペインティング
live painting at isetan department store

I used Byobu (folding screen) this time.
Japanese tradicitonal company spending hard time becouse in Japan getting less to use Japanese things.
It is hard to eat by traditional skill so young craftman dosen’t growing.

What can I do is..
So in this time, I painted on Byobu.

nao morigo 京都伊勢丹ライブペインティング

Actually, nest day of painting’s today is muscle pain..

When I painting everybody eating looks delicious chocolate icecream..
After painting…

Sure I did.. lol

salon du chocolat サロン・デュ・ショコラ

It will be exhibited untill 2/14.
If you tagged #サロショ京都2019 with the painting, you might can get chocolate equivalent to 10,000 yen!!

Looking forward to see your uniqe phots!

salon du chocolat サロン・デュ・ショコラ
サロンドショコラ カタログ